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Urethane Characteristics

Urethane shown in a T-shaped solid.

Urethane is an engineering material that offers an endless applications list. Soft as a marshmallow, harder than a bowling ball, urethane can be used in lieu of plastic, rubber, nylon, and many metals. Within the industry cast urethane parts are known for toughness. Toughness being resilient, abrasive resistant, cut and tear resistant, memory foam compression, and flexion. Urethane parts are not impacted by most harsh environments. Contact Us for more information.

Colorful urethane applications shown.
Urethane applied to line small bolt.
Six circular applications of urethane shown.
Urethane application being compared to a penny.
Colorful applications of rubber urethane shown.
Urethane applied to the outer part of a metal bolt.
Small cone-like urethane applications shown with a penny.
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