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Elastomers, Inc.
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Elastomers, Inc.

About Us - The Story of Elastomers, Inc.Robert J. Kunkel Sr. a mechanical engineer working in the rubber industry went after the American dream in 1968 opening Elastomers Inc. Today business is continued by Robert J. Kunkel Jr. Service to country and customers are the hallmarks of Elastomers. Robert Sr. a WWII U.S. Navy veteran, Robert Jr. an injured Vietnam veteran. Service to customers and country is continued today by Robert Jr. and four children, a Boy Scout, an Air Force medical technician daughter, a Navy nurse daughter, and a second lieutenant Army son. In addition, because of Robert Jr.'s combat injuries he travels monthly to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. as a volunteer to interact with newly injured soldier patients acting as a big ear, offering 38 years of adaptive experience and 25 years of martial arts experience.
Elastomers, Inc.
Elastomers, Inc.
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