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Custom molded parts shown.Custom Molded Parts
With 38 years of true job shop experience to rely on, rare is the problem that can’t be solved if urethane is the right material. Hundreds of problems, concepts, and “can’t be done” jobs have been presented to us with a successful outcome. A napkin sketch, a CAD drawing, and a 45% worn out 25 year old part is the normal for us. Contact Us for details as we are expanding our capabilities every month.
Custom part designed in house.Machining Capabilities
Within our 10,000 sq. ft. building is our machine shop. Design and construction of tooling is done in house. Tooling encompasses the actual metal mold for casting of parts. Fixturing to hold cast urethane parts for secondary operations such as grinding, drilling, and milling. After an initial part is shipped, if a change to tooling is required (ex. Hole location, size of part, angles), this can be done sometimes the same day. Tooling was initially manufactured here and is stored here so changes can be done rapidly. Contact Us for more information.
Showing sheets, tubes and bars by Elastomers.Sheet Tube Bar
Large 3? by 6? open cast +/- 1/16 THK sheets, Elastomers does not do. Smaller, precision cast +/- .002 THK sheets of any duro are cast. Rod and bar stock are held to tight dimensions. EX. A 2? O.D. rod is a true 2.00 +/_ .002 ??? Tube stock is determined only by your requirement. Most fractional sizes in stock. A ??? problem is presented. After 35 years of business hundreds of molds are in house. Contact Us today for more information.
Various urethane applications shown.Urethane Characteristics
Urethane is an engineering material that offers an endless applications list. Soft as a marshmallow, harder than a bowling ball, urethane can be used in lieu of plastic, rubber, nylon, and many metals. Within the industry cast urethane parts are known for toughness. Toughness being resilient, abrasive resistant, cut and tear resistant, memory foam compression, and flexion. Urethane parts are not impacted by most harsh environments. Contact Us for more information.

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